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Make your cash work for you


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I got a new approach to many aspects of the trading. Swing trading was completely new for me. I like your enthusiasm and your sense of humour during the seminar.

Monika Braun, Germany, October 2015 

I liked the seminar very much. It was funny, no stress. You are an ingenious trio. I loved to learn about stop losses and how to plan my trading. I also learned how important it is to trade in a more conservative way. Thank you very much.

Sibylla Haas, Switzerland, October 2015 

“With the simple strategies, I learned that you can trade securely. I joined a trading club and I trade my own account. After only five weeks I already had achieved a 4% return on investment. That is more than most people make in a whole year.

Roland Mariacher, Dipl. hotel manager SHV 

In order to trade and invest our hard earned money, it’s for us important, to have a trusted experienced person/institution in volatile markets, that we can rely on and to get proven expert advice. This is what we have found in James Garza, Edel MacGinty and Eva-Maria Müller.

Markus & Prisca Mühlemann, Switzerland 

I have been listening to Edel MacGintys´s weekly webinars since I took my first Trading course, 1.5yrs ago. Before this time, I didn't know the difference between a stock and rock. Edel´s teaching is so clear, precise and she gives a thorough explanation of the riskson the stock market and how to plan for consistently successful trades. I owe a lot of my trading confidence and ability to her online webinars. Edel is direct when it comes to smart trading (planning) versus emotional hoping. Edel´s personal assistance and patience make her a beautifully all rounded teacher. Thank you for changing my financial life, Edel.

Angie Ford, Australia, July 2015 

I have known Edel MacGinty for the last couple of years. Initially, Edel provided me with Training on Buying and Selling Shares and Options Trading, which I found to be excellent. Edel has a great way of teaching you, and helping you understand the complexities of trading in plain English. This, however, was not the end of the relationship with Edel. She has continued over the last couple of years to support and mentor me, allowing me to trade my personal account with some confidence. She has also helped with implementing various strategies to ensure a healthy account. Starting your own trading account can be daunting, however, I can honestly say that the help and support received from Edel have given me the confidence to progress.

Tania McGroarty, Ireland