Meet the Trillium Team.


James Garza, QFA, LIB & CEO
James believes that every conversation is an opportunity. His journey in finance began many years ago and has taken him from Texas to Ireland. James is a qualified financial advisor and lives in Ireland with his wife and two children. A former vice-president with JP Morgan Chase in Texas, James had over $50 million assets under management. During his time there James built a solid record of achievement and advancement through responsible financial investment planning. Two years in succession he received the Financial Advisor of the Year award. “James would rather lose his money than a clients money”


Edel MacGinty, QFA, LIB, & CIO
Edel started her career with Dermot Desmond in the NCB Group in 1987 and progressed into film with Sullivan Bluth as Executive Assistant to Don Bluth. After having her 4 children, Edel returned to work as financial controller of a small software company. Having been a victim of ‘bad investment advice’ Edel decided to take her future in to her own hands and became a Qualified Financial Advisor. She also  participated in various trading programmes in the US allowing her to train to trade successfully in the US markets on behalf of herself and her clients.. “Edel never switches off when the markets are open”

The Traders

James and Edel are co-founders of Trillium Capital and are personally involved in every decision made at Trillium.  They are never further than the other end of the phone. Their combined experience gives them a thorough understanding of how to navigate the inevitable ups and downs of the US financial markets and trade them with confidence and composure.

Trillium Capital Index Fund

The fund is a basket of 50+ of the most actively traded U.S. company stocks listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange. Several of them are also listed on the Dow Jones 30 and the S&P 500.  The companies are from various industries including technology, health care, industrials and many others. Although they are U.S. companies, 27 countries are tied to companies represented in the index

It is constructed on a modified capitalisation methodology.  This modified method uses individual weights of the companies according to their market capitalisation.  Weighting allows constraints to limit the influence of the largest companies and balance the index with all constituents. The stock list is reviewed each quarter and weightings adjusted if the distribution requirements are not met.

All stocks within the index need to have an average daily trading volume of 200,000 and publicly report earnings quarterly as well as annually.  They also must be a component of the Nasdaq index for at least 5 years to be included this eliminates smaller companies that come in and out of the Nasdaq from time to time. These criteria make for a more consistent and stable return using our strategy.


Over 25 years trading in the stock market

Fund managers registered at Central Bank of Ireland

Proven trading strategies and a track record

Our past trading experience and expertise will help build YOUR better future

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