Here at Trillium, we believe that we have a strong identity behind everything we say and do. We have a culture that seeks to honour your trust in us. Everything we Say, Do and Believe is focused on achieving the very best for you. We are invested in and working for your future. For us your tomorrow is our today.

We ‘Say’ words matter and we communicate with our clients in a way that reflects our personal investment in our client relationships. We keep you informed about investment choices and you always know where your money is invested.

We ‘Do’ have a strategic way of investing. We are active and agile within the financial markets and have proven that we achieve consistent and solid returns for our clients. We want your money to work hard so that your future is not hard work. Our actions and reactions are based on our personal experience and so we strive for a higher standard which in turn gives us greater satisfaction in all that we do for you.

We ‘Believe’ that our personal involvement combined with our core belief of independence, high moral standards and individual attention to every client can make Trillium the right choice for you no matter what point in life you’re at.

Backtesting assesses the viablity of a trading strategy or pricing model by discovering how it would play out using historical data.  We analysed our strategy using the last years stock price movements of the stock components that make up the Trillium Capital Index Fund.  Using this data we can see when our parameters are triggered this in turn gives us what the returns would have been.


The table below is an illustration of houw our fund would have performed over the past year agains other Irish based funds.  This data is based on a back test of the strategy.



Trillium Ireland Fund Vs Irish Funds


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