Our trading platform is the Interactive Brokers interface.

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Please follow the instructions and note the following before you begin the process:

  • If you wish to trade options your net worth i.e. all your assets – property pension etc. must be $70,000 or more.
  • Select Reg T Margin if you have less than €100,000 in your trading account. Select Portfolio Margin for accounts with more $100,000.
  • Choose USD as your trading currency.
  • Only ACAT your positions across and/or fund your account after you have received confirmation that the account is open.
  • New accounts should take 2 business days to open if no additional information is required by Interactive Brokers. If additional documentation or information is required they will contact the client directly via email. This information must be returned to Interactive Brokers from the registered email address.
  • All documentation & signatures are processed electronically. Please have a scanned copy of a valid ID – passport, driver’s license which is valid for at least a further 6 months and a proof of residence –utility bill (electricity or landline telephone) dated within 3 months of your application. Please note Interactive Brokers will not accept insurance or mobile phone bills.
  • Print your account information and keep it in a secure place.
  • Templeton Securities will notify you when your account is open and ready for funding. You can either wire cash or ACAT transfer cash or positions.
  • You will receive a security card in the post you must activate this card.
  • ACAT will take about 5-6 business days.
  • Once opened change your account from “professional” (default option) to non-professional if applicable. The professional status is more expensive with regards to live data feeds etc.
  • You can add a variety of live data feeds, the applicable fees are on the Interactive Brokers website.
  • You will automatically have access to TWS.


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