Value LineWhere can you find unbiased fundamental data on a publicly traded company that is unbiased and has a proven track record? The answer is simple – Value Line! They have been around since 1931 and even Warren Buffet uses their services.

Value Line was founded by Arnold Bernhard after his mother lost her savings during the 1929 stock market crash. He had worked for several years with Moody’s Investor Services and determined that the current system was inadequate. He wanted to provide a better, non-biased analysis on publicly traded stocks and he created a system that would show what a stock’s true value is, fundamentally. He believed that these measures would remove emotions from stock selection. Value Line’s analysts are paid by its subscribers and this allows them to provide independent and unbiased information and opinions.

Value Line provides fundamental data

CSCO Value LineWhat type of information do Value Line provide? A stock information service that gives you 15 plus year snapshots of a company’s fundamental data. They put all the important information in a standard format on one page ensuring that all the key data is on that page. Each report gives the information relevant per stock numbers for example: earnings per share, dividends per share and book value per share. They provide propriety measures that have proved over time to be valuable to company’s analysis. These are measures that Value Line has put together, they rank stocks in the Value Line universe against each other and bring the better stocks to the top. Examples of this would be Technical and Safety Rank to name but two. This information will help you analyse a company that you may want to invest in by looking at the numbers thus removing the emotion out of stock selection.timeliness and safety

To quote Warren Buffet:
“I don’t know of any other system that’s as good. The snapshot it presents is an enormously efficient way for us to garner information about various businesses. I have yet to see a better way, including fooling around on the internet, that gives me the information as quickly.”

The ‘so-called’ Value Line reports are among the most valuable instruments for a trader to make wise decisions. Trillium Trading Academy highly recommends to get familiar with their content.

Get access through Trillium Trading Academy

Value Line services for an individual can be expensive but as a subscriber to Trillium’s trading tools you will have full access to Value Line. In addition to this Trillium Trading Academy created a system to get the most important information within less than 30 minutes. It is called the AAA Analysis. Applying this system you can rate a company quickly and you will know how to read the figures provided by Value Line.

If you want to be the best at anything find out who is the best in that area and do what they do. If it is good enough for Warren Buffet then it is good enough for us at Trillium Trading Academy.