Online Trading Platform for US Stocks from Ireland

Do you want to trade US stocks from Ireland? Are you looking for a trading platform or an advisor?

Do it yourself or with a bit of professional help?

Whether you are a part time or full time trader or a buy and hold investor, we can offer you a real time, direct access, trading platform with one of our US trading partners. Get real time data including live prices for Stocks and Options on all US exchanges.  You can also trade other major exchanges world wide  and other financial instruments including Forex and Crypto Currency.

Our trading platforms are direct access avoiding the pitfalls of order flow and executing transactions at the best price available in the market at the time.

Why sign up to trade through Trillium? It’s very simple, you will have direct access to our Fund Managers. ‘No other trading platform offers this’.   We will assist you with all the paperwork and regulations required to open a US trading account, including SEC regulatory forms and the all important W8Ben. We will ensure that you are not just a number within the big US trading houses.

‘As well as the helping you with opening your trading account our experienced Fund Managers can analyse your current portfolio, discuss your trading strategies, your risk profile and your financial goals.  We can make recommendations on a variety of different levels such as portfolio optimisation, diversification and many more depending on what you wish to achieve.

You can choose from our options:

  • ‘Execution Only’
  • ‘Personalised Portfolio Program
  • ‘Trade Together’

Execution Only

This is ideal for people who just want a dependable, secure, fast trading platform. Whether you are investing or trading a state of the art, direct access trading platform is a must. We work with several trading platforms including Trade Station and Interactive Brokers. We match the client to the platform. With this option you will be doing the trading, we will just be providing the platforms for you. If you want to trade yourself but want to make sure you’re doing it in the best place and you want to know what platform works best for you then click here to read more!

 Personalised Portfolio Program

This is specifically for someone who wants to invest in the markets, as opposed to actively trade the markets, the “Buy & Hold” Investor. With this option we help you each step of the way to design exactly what you want, so if you want to invest and but find trading daunting click to read more about what we can do for you.

Let us help you to build your portfolio with our buy and hold strategy – with a twist!  There are many factors to consider when building an investment portfolio; your own risk tolerance, time horizon and stock selection, for example. With our help we can build a strategy especially for you that is driven by fundamental data and top-tier research.  This strategy is back tested, adjusted and rebalanced regularly with you.  Once the historical performance meets your expectations you can invest in the strategy and track it’s performance.

Trade Together

This is for someone who wants to get in to trading but doesn’t know where to start. With Trade Together we’re with you every step of the way and show you how it’s done.

Why not trade with the security and support of our fund managers and benefit from our knowledge and experience trading and investing in the financial markets. Here at Trillium Capital we use several types of methodology for analysing and optimising a portfolio. With this option we work together to get the results you want so if you’re looking to trade the US stock markets in Ireland but want some guidance from accredited traders this option is for you.

Over 25 years trading in the stock market

Fund managers registered at Central Bank of Ireland

Proven trading strategies and a track record

Our past trading experience and expertise will help build YOUR better future

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